Virtual Display Week 2020 Begins with Innovative Display Technologies Highlighted by Diverse Online Events

Editeur: Administrateur Datte: 2020-08-06

Like several other international event, Display Week 2020 hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) turned virtual this year and is taking place online from August 3 to 7, 2020.

The virtual version of Display Week still features keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders including IBM, NVIDIA, Merch and AUO who oversee diverse technologies and product innovation within their enterprises.

Other highlights addressing innovative display technologies such as Micro LED, Mini LED, OLED, foldable displays and new material are presented by worldwide exhibitors online. Business Conference will also address key issues facing the display industry. Sessions will feature the market outlook for displays, equipment, materials, smartphones, TVs, PCs, monitors and automotive displays; and will include forecasts of the supply chain and applications.

In addition, X Display Company (XDC), the spinoff of Micro LED technology builder X-Celeprint, will present at Display Week. With the topic "More than Micro LED: Mass Transfer of Pixel Engines for Emissive Displays," XDC will cover mass transfer process to distribute LEDs and IC's across a display substrate, pixel level circuitry to drive the emitters and progress towards commercialization of Micro LED displays.

Also featuring Micro LED and Mini LED display technology, webinar “2020 Micro LED Forum” hosted by TrendForce is broadcasting. Register and watch now to stay ahead in the industry and the market.

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